Royal is the director, principal and founder of Prestige Law.
Renowned for both her legal skills and China knowledge.
Royal is well respected in both the NZ & Chinese community and has provided governance roles where her diverse background & skills have been keenly sought.



Royal's Journey - 1/10 - How I decided to study law

Royal's Journey - 2/10 - First Job In Australia

Royal's Journey - 3/10 - Backup plan - Set up a legal translation business

Royal's Journey - 4/10 - Back to the Law Firm

Royal's Journey - 5/10 - Decided to Leave

Royal's Journey - 6/10 - Started new career in Hamilton

Royal's Journey - 7/10 - First Clients

Royal's Journey - 8/10 - Became Famous

Royal's Journey - 9/10 - Back to Auckland and expanding to more relevant markets

Royal's Journey 10/10 - Experience in Europe - why I focus on Chinese community


Taiwan Outlook - A Cross cultural Lawyer in New Zealand - Part 1

Taiwan Outlook - A Cross cultural Lawyer in New Zealand - Part 2



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Solicitor/Barristor of the High Court of NZ100%
Negotiator & Mediator100%
China Expert Consultant100%
Governance / Board Member80%
Understanding the Chinese Consumer80%
Ethnic Marketing100%



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English, Mandarin


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Royal Reed is a well-known Chinese lawyer in New Zealand. She founded the New Zealand Royal Law Firm (Prestige Law) in 2006 to help Chinese and foreign clients resolve legal disputes. Royal is not only well-known in the legal profession, but also actively participates in community service, counseling young women to carry out workplace planning, and answering questions to solve difficult life situations.

Royal has won numerous awards in the legal profession, and her law firm has repeatedly won the most popular workplace awards.

Royal has received training in Harvard University negotiation skills and has appeared on major media platforms and public speaking conferences to showcase her outstanding cross-cultural communication skills. At the same time, as a qualified court attendant, Royal often coordinates and debates clients as mediators and negotiators in New Zealand courts.

Why communication is a necessity in the workplace

People-to-people communication is not so simple. Advanced communication skills and methods allow us to understand each other and even achieve certain purposes.

Whether it is career development, business development, signing agreements, corporate management, or expanding social networks, building intimate relationships, intercultural communication and maintaining family relationships, we all need good communication skills.

The problem now is that we haven’t been taught this at school. How should we cultivate this ability?


  • Online workplace counseling
  • In person workplace counseling
  • Communication skills training
  • Corporate communication skills seminar

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