May 03

What did our clients want?

We are noticing a trend from our clients. The modern clients nowadays are very active in their work and life, travelling a lot, and many of them are even more time poor than us sometimes. When it comes to serving them, the old ways of asking them to pop by to have a chat at our offices as a nice way to start the professional relationship seems so outdated or almost inconsiderate.

I have identified a number of things that our clients really like and keep referring people to us for that very unexpected little bit of convenience and consideration.

  1. We offer phone consultation to suit.
  2. We don’t waste time during the phone consult time to go over basic details for their file opening, instead we give them a mobile phone friendly link to enter all of their information that can directly be sent to us for our requirements.
  3. We offer skype, zoom and wechat calls so clients do not need to pay roaming charges, or for those who prefer we can talk via video calling function.
  4. We allow a one on one channel for ease of communication either via social media, or a text app so they can continue to access us easily going forward as they embark on the professional relationship.
  5. We take an interest in their businesses and updates and help put them in touch with others we might know that could mentor, share insight or even do business with them where possible.
  6. Overall, the clients are liking the fact that once we have become their advisors, we become a permanent connection and extension to their lives as a trusted and accessible advisor going forward.

Traditionally, lawyers ask clients to follow how we do things. We stick to our offices, our phone lines and direct them to call knowing phone tag may be all we achieve in the end.

It is a practical change we chose to adopt, to change the way we interact with clients. This small change makes our services work for clients effortlessly in their modern life of easy connectivity. All our clients now prefer to have a quick update in their chat room with us, instead of waiting for 2 weeks NZ post to send them a letter, when they are already on the other side of the globe.